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    When several people have been arrested for DUI, one of the first things they want to know is how to get out of driving under the influence. Since DUI is a criminal offense, there is no simple answer to that issue. If you are convicted and charged with DUI, you will face a jury trial as well as disciplinary hearings over your driving rights if you are unable to reach a plea agreement. Trying to handle all of these lawsuits yourself may be the fastest way to lose both criminal cases and driving privileges at the same time. If you want to deal with a lawyer who does not specialize in DUI cases, you jeopardize your reputation and freedom since a conviction in many states will result in a prison term. The only way to effectively defend yourself against a DUI claim is to work with a specialist attorney who knows everything there is to know about DUI. How to Get Out of a DUI – Preparing for Your Case From the beginning of their cases, many people are thinking about getting out of a DUI. If you wish to avoid a DUI charge, speak with your attorney to see if a plea bargain is possible. You may be able to plead guilty to lesser charges and receive a lighter sentence in some states. If you are unable to reach a plea deal, the case will go to trial, and if you are convicted on DUI charges, you will face the full spectrum of criminal penalties. How to Get Out of a DUI – Your Criminal Trial A jury trial will be scheduled if you do not reach a plea deal. Working with a trained DUI lawyer is the only way to get out of a DUI at this point of the process. When you hire a DUI lawyer, you gain access to expert evidence and detailed knowledge that can be very useful during your trial. Defense lawyers are used to disproving testimony or demonstrate that chemical test results were invalid or untrustworthy. Because of their vast expertise in the area of DUI law, your counsel will have access to several of these witnesses. Your lawyer will also know where to look for evidence that will help you during your trial. You would lose those benefits if you worked with a public defender or a lawyer not specialized in DUI protection. How to Get Out of a DUI – Administrative Hearings If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, you’ll almost certainly have to attend disciplinary hearings to decide the status of your driving privileges. Many people take driving for granted, but each state views it as a luxury rather than an absolute right. Some states allow you to appeal a license suspension, allowing you to keep driving until your criminal trial. If this is the case, your lawyer will assist you in preparing for the hearing. Your lawyer can also speak on your behalf at the hearing, so you have a greater chance of restoring driving privileges. Based on their experience in DUI law, your lawyer will know what he has to say and how he will deal with your case. How to Get Out of a DUI – Sentencing There is no way to avoid being accused of driving under the influence, but there is a way to reduce the levied fines if you are convicted. Before the sentencing takes place, your prosecutor can speak on your behalf to allow the judge to hear all circumstances in your case. Your counsel, for example, may inform the judge that you have a disability or are responsible for caring for an elderly parent. Suppose your counsel can prove that your imprisonment will cause harm to others. In that case, the judge might be lenient and subject you to other punishments instead of prison time, such as alcohol education or probation. Working with a Toronto DUI lawyer is the most effective way to get out of a DUI charge. These seasoned attorneys have a wealth of expertise and experience prosecuting DUI cases, and they know how to present the case in the most effective way possible. No one can ever promise that you can win your case, but having a Toronto DUI lawyer by your side will make all the difference.

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